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  1. Species Algerian watermelon mosaic virus
  2. Species Alstroemeria mosaic virus
  3. Species Alternanthera mild mosaic virus
  4. Species Amaranthus leaf mottle virus
  5. Species Amazon lily mosaic virus
  6. Species Angelica virus Y
  7. Species Apium virus Y
  8. Species Araujia mosaic virus
  9. Species Arracacha mottle virus
  10. Species Artichoke latent virus
  11. Species Asparagus virus 1
  12. Species Banana bract mosaic virus
  13. Species Basella rugose mosaic virus
  14. Species Bean common mosaic necrosis virus
  15. Species Bean common mosaic virus
  16. Species Bean yellow mosaic virus
  17. Species Beet mosaic virus
  18. Species Bidens mottle virus
  19. Species Brugmansia suaveolens mottle virus
  20. Species Butterfly flower mosaic virus
  21. Species Calanthe mild mosaic virus
  22. Species Canna yellow streak virus
  23. Species Carnation vein mottle virus
  24. Species Carrot thin leaf virus
  25. Species Carrot virus Y
  26. Species Celery mosaic virus
  27. Species Ceratobium mosaic virus
  28. Species Chilli ringspot virus
  29. Species Chilli veinal mottle virus
  30. Species Chinese artichoke mosaic virus
  31. Species Clitoria virus Y
  32. Species Clover yellow vein virus
  33. Species Cocksfoot streak virus
  34. Species Colombian datura virus
  35. Species Commelina mosaic virus
  36. Species Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus
  37. Species Cowpea green vein banding virus
  38. Species Cypripedium calceolus virus
  39. Species Cypripedium virus Y
  40. Species Daphne mosaic virus
  41. Species Dasheen mosaic virus
  42. Species Datura shoestring virus
  43. Species Diuris virus Y
  44. Species East Asian Passiflora virus
  45. Species Endive necrotic mosaic virus
  46. Species Euphorbia ringspot virus
  47. Species Freesia mosaic virus
  48. Species Fritillary virus Y
  49. Species Garlic yellow streak virus
  50. Species Gloriosa stripe mosaic virus
  51. Species Groundnut eyespot virus
  52. Species Guinea grass mosaic virus
  53. Species Hardenbergia mosaic virus
  54. Species Helenium virus Y
  55. Species Henbane mosaic virus
  56. Species Hibbertia virus Y
  57. Species Hippeastrum mosaic virus
  58. Species Hyacinth mosaic virus
  59. Species Iris fulva mosaic virus
  60. Species Iris mild mosaic virus
  61. Species Iris severe mosaic virus
  62. Species Japanese yam mosaic virus
  63. Species Johnsongrass mosaic virus
  64. Species Kalanchoƫ mosaic virus
  65. Species Konjac mosaic virus
  66. Species Leek yellow stripe virus
  67. Species Lettuce mosaic virus
  68. Species Lily mottle virus
  69. Species Lycoris mild mottle virus
  70. Species Maize dwarf mosaic virus
  71. Species Malva vein clearing virus
  72. Species Meadow saffron breaking virus
  73. Species Moroccan watermelon mosaic virus
  74. Species Narcissus degeneration virus
  75. Species Narcissus late season yellows virus
  76. Species Narcissus yellow stripe virus
  77. Species Nerine virus Y
  78. Species Nerine yellow stripe virus
  79. Species Nothoscordum mosaic virus
  80. Species Onion yellow dwarf virus
  81. Species Ornithogalum mosaic virus
  82. Species Ornithogalum virus 2
  83. Species Ornithogalum virus 3
  84. Species Papaya leaf distortion mosaic virus
  85. Species Papaya ringspot virus
  86. Species Parsnip mosaic virus
  87. Species Passiflora chlorosis virus
  88. Species Passion fruit woodiness virus
  89. Species Pea seed-borne mosaic virus
  90. Species Peanut mosaic virus
  91. Species Peanut mottle virus
  92. Species Pennisetum mosaic virus
  93. Species Pepper mottle virus
  94. Species Pepper severe mosaic virus
  95. Species Pepper vein banding virus
  96. Species Pepper veinal mottle virus
  97. Species Pepper yellow mosaic virus
  98. Species Peru tomato mosaic virus
  99. Species Pfaffia mosaic virus
  100. Species Pleione virus Y
  101. Species Plum pox virus
  102. Species Pokeweed mosaic virus
  103. Species Potato virus A
  104. Species Potato virus V
  105. Species Potato virus Y
  106. Species Ranunculus leaf distortion virus
  107. Species Ranunculus mild mosaic virus
  108. Species Ranunculus mosaic virus
  109. Species Rhopalanthe virus Y
  110. Species Sarcochilus virus Y
  111. Species Scallion mosaic virus
  112. Species Shallot yellow stripe virus
  113. Species Sorghum mosaic virus
  114. Species Soybean mosaic virus
  115. Species Spiranthes mosaic virus 3
  116. Species Sugarcane mosaic virus
  117. Species Sunflower mosaic virus
  118. Species Sweet potato feathery mottle virus
  119. Species Sweet potato latent virus
  120. Species Sweet potato mild speckling virus
  121. Species Sweet potato virus 2
  122. Species Sweet potato virus G
  123. Species Telfairia mosaic virus
  124. Species Telosma mosaic virus
  125. Species Thunberg fritillary mosaic virus
  126. Species Tobacco etch virus
  127. Species Tobacco vein banding mosaic virus
  128. Species Tobacco vein mottling virus
  129. Species Tradescantia mild mosaic virus
  130. Species Tropaeolum mosaic virus
  131. Species Tuberose mild mosaic virus
  132. Species Tuberose mild mottle virus
  133. Species Tulip breaking virus
  134. Species Tulip mosaic virus
  135. Species Turnip mosaic virus
  136. Species Twisted-stalk chlorotic streak virus
  137. Species Vallota mosaic virus
  138. Species Watermelon leaf mottle virus
  139. Species Watermelon mosaic virus
  140. Species Wild potato mosaic virus
  141. Species Wild tomato mosaic virus
  142. Species Wisteria vein mosaic virus
  143. Species Yam mild mosaic virus
  144. Species Yam mosaic virus
  145. Species Zantedeschia mild mosaic virus
  146. Species Zea mosaic virus
  147. Species Zucchini yellow fleck virus
  148. Species Zucchini yellow mosaic virus
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2006-09-20 22:00:00Z
2011-12-31 23:00:00Z
2018-07-13 23:22:02Z

basis of record SN2000/Fauquet et al., 2005 [details]   

verified source for family ICTVdb (Jul 2011) [details]   

verified source for family WoRMS (Mar 2013) [details]   

name verified source ICTVdb (Jul 2011) [details]   

current name source WoRMS (Mar 2013) [details]   

current name source International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV). (2018). ICTV Master Species List 2017 v1.0 (ratified 2018). , available online at [details]   

extant flag source SN2000/Fauquet et al., 2005 [details]   

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