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IRMNG source details

International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV). (2018). ICTV Master Species List 2017 v1.0 (ratified 2018).
International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV)
ICTV Master Species List 2017 v1.0 (ratified 2018)
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2018-06-02 07:28:58Z

Aalivirus (basis of record)
Aalivirus (name verified source)
Aalivirus (current name source)
Aalivirus (extant flag source)
Aalivirus (verified source for family)
Ab18virus (verified source for family)
Ab18virus (name verified source)
Ab18virus (extant flag source)
Ab18virus (current name source)
Ab18virus (basis of record)
Abouovirus (name verified source)
Abouovirus (basis of record)
Abouovirus (verified source for family)
Abouovirus (current name source)
Abouovirus (extant flag source)
Acadianvirus (verified source for family)
Acadianvirus (name verified source)
Acadianvirus (basis of record)
Acadianvirus (current name source)
Acadianvirus (extant flag source)
Ackermannviridae (basis of record)
Ackermannviridae (extant flag source)
Ackermannviridae (taxonomy source)
Ackermannviridae (current name source)
Ackermannviridae incertae sedis (basis of record)
Acute bee paralysis virus (taxonomy source)
Acute bee paralysis virus (current name source)
Adeno-associated Virus accepted as Dependoparvovirus (source of synonymy)
Adenoviridae (current name source)
Ag3virus (extant flag source)
Ag3virus (basis of record)
Ag3virus (name verified source)
Ag3virus (verified source for family)
Ag3virus (current name source)
Agatevirus (current name source)
Agatevirus (extant flag source)
Agatevirus (name verified source)
Agatevirus (basis of record)
Agatevirus (verified source for family)
Ageyesisatellite (current name source)
Ageyesisatellite (extant flag source)
Ageyesisatellite (basis of record)
Ageyesisatellite (name verified source)
Ageyesisatellite (verified source for family)
Agrican357virus (verified source for family)
Agrican357virus (extant flag source)
Agrican357virus (basis of record)
Agrican357virus (name verified source)
Agrican357virus (current name source)
AHJD-like viruses accepted as P68virus (source of synonymy)
Ahjdlikevirus accepted as P68virus (source of synonymy)
Albetovirus (name verified source)
Albetovirus (extant flag source)
Albetovirus (verified source for family)
Albetovirus (current name source)
Albetovirus (basis of record)
Alefpapillomavirus (current name source)
Alefpapillomavirus (basis of record)
Alefpapillomavirus (verified source for family)
Alefpapillomavirus (name verified source)
Alefpapillomavirus (extant flag source)
Alfamovirus (current name source)
Allexivirus (current name source)
Alloherpesviridae (extant flag source)
Alloherpesviridae (taxonomy source)
Alloherpesviridae (current name source)
Allolevivirus (current name source)
Almendravirus (verified source for family)
Almendravirus (basis of record)
Almendravirus (name verified source)
Almendravirus (current name source)
Almendravirus (extant flag source)
Alpha3microvirus (current name source)
Alpha3microvirus (basis of record)
Alpha3microvirus (verified source for family)
Alpha3microvirus (extant flag source)
Alpha3microvirus (name verified source)
Alphabaculovirus (current name source)
Alphacarmotetravirus (name verified source)
Alphacarmotetravirus (verified source for family)
Alphacarmotetravirus (current name source)
Alphacarmotetravirus (extant flag source)
Alphacarmovirus (extant flag source)
Alphacarmovirus (name verified source)
Alphacarmovirus (current name source)
Alphacarmovirus (basis of record)
Alphacarmovirus (verified source for family)
Alphacoronavirus (current name source)
Alphacryptovirus accepted as Alphapartitivirus (source of synonymy)
Alphaendornavirus (basis of record)
Alphaendornavirus (name verified source)
Alphaendornavirus (extant flag source)
Alphaendornavirus (current name source)
Alphaendornavirus (verified source for family)
Alphaentomopoxvirus (current name source)
Alphafusellovirus (name verified source)
Alphafusellovirus (current name source)
Alphafusellovirus (verified source for family)
Alphafusellovirus (extant flag source)
Alphaguttavirus (extant flag source)
 Taxonomic remark

Name no longer appears in the ICTV master list (ICTV, 2018); the species previously classified here, Thermoproteus ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark
 for Arenavirus

Arenavirus is no longer a recognised genus name; its previous content is now allocated across 2 new genera, ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Cited synonomy is as per one of the previously included species, Equine arteritis virus; others are now in genera ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark
 for Carmovirus

Stated synonymy is indicative; included species now in the new genera Alphacarmovirus and Gammacarmovirus. [details]

 Taxonomic remark
 for Densovirus

Stated synonymy is indicative; current equivalent genus names are Ambidensovirus, Brevidensovirus, Hepandensovirus, ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Previously included taxa are now included in new genera Alphafusellovirus and Betafusellovirus. [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Spelling corrected (was Gokushuvirus). Stated synonymy is indicative; Gokushoviruses are now classified in genera ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark
 for Hepevirus

genus no longer recognised, included species Hepatitis E virus is now in genus Orthohepevirus (as Orthohepevirus A, ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark

"Herpesvirus" is not a currently accepted genus name, and has been used informally to denote any member of family ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark

No remaining species in either Lipothrixvirus or Alphalipothrixvirus, although Betalipothrixvirus through ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark
 for Microvirus

Stated synonymy is indicative; Microviruses are now classified in the genera Alpha3microvirus, Chlamydiamicrovirus, ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark
 for Necrovirus

Stated synonymy is indicative only; included species are now in the new genera Alphanecrovirus and Betanecrovirus. [details]

 Taxonomic remark
 for Parvovirus

synonymy not stated since present assignment of included species not yet researched (names have all changed) [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Stated synonymy is indicative: included species now in new genera Alphapolyomavirus, Betapolyomavirus, ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark
 for Reovirus

Stated synonymy is indicative; species of Reovirus now allocated to genera Aquareovirus, Cardoreovirus, ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Previously in Metaviridae; changed in IRMNG as per ICTV Master Species List 2017. [details]

 Taxonomic remark
 for Spumavirus

Stated synonymy is indicative only: species formerly classified here are now in multiple genera, namely ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Not included in ICTV Master Species List 2017; its sole included species, Bacillus phage phiNS11, does not appear on ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark
 for Tectivirus

Stated synonymy is indicative; included species are now in new genera Alphatectivirus and Betatectivirus. [details]

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