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IRMNG taxon details


106558  (

Genus Ab18virus
Genus Acadianvirus
Genus Amigovirus
Genus Anatolevirus
Genus Andromedavirus
Genus Attisvirus
Genus Barnyardvirus
Genus Baxtervirus
Genus Bernal13virus
Genus Bignuzvirus
Genus Biseptimavirus
Genus Bongovirus
Genus Bronvirus
Genus Brujitavirus
Genus Buttersvirus
Genus C2virus
Genus C5virus
Genus Camvirus
Genus Cba181virus
Genus Cbastvirus
Genus Cecivirus
Genus Charlievirus
Genus Che8virus
Genus Che9cvirus
Genus Chivirus
Genus Cjw1virus
Genus Coopervirus
Genus Corndogvirus
Genus Cronusvirus
Genus D3112virus
Genus D3virus
Genus Decurrovirus
Genus Demosthenesvirus
Genus Doucettevirus
Genus E125virus
Genus Eiauvirus
Genus Ff47virus
Genus Fishburnevirus
Genus Gaiavirus
Genus Gilesvirus
Genus Gordonvirus
Genus Gordtnkvirus
Genus Harrisonvirus
Genus Hawkeyevirus
Genus Hk578virus
Genus Hk97virus
Genus Jenstvirus
Genus Jerseyvirus
Genus Jwxvirus
Genus K1gvirus
Genus Kelleziovirus
Genus Korravirus
Genus Kp36virus
Genus L5virus
Genus Lambdavirus
Genus Laroyevirus
Genus Liefievirus
Genus Likavirus
Genus Lmd1virus
Genus Marvinvirus
Genus Mudcatvirus
Genus N15virus
Genus Nonagvirus
Genus Np1virus
Genus Nymphadoravirus
Genus Omegavirus
Genus P12002virus
Genus P12024virus
Genus P23virus
Genus P70virus
Genus Pa6virus
Genus Pamx74virus
Genus Patiencevirus
Genus Pbi1virus
Genus Pepy6virus
Genus Pfr1virus
Genus Pg1virus
Genus Phayoncevirus
Genus Phic31virus
Genus Phicbkvirus
Genus Phietavirus
Genus Phifelvirus
Genus Phijl1virus
Genus Pipefishvirus
Genus Pis4avirus
Genus Plotvirus
Genus Psavirus
Genus Psimunavirus
Genus R4virus
Genus Rdjlvirus
Genus Redivirus
Genus Rer2virus
Genus Reyvirus
Genus Rogue1virus
Genus Rosebushvirus
Genus Rtpvirus
Genus Sap6virus
Genus Send513virus
Genus Septima3virus
Genus Seuratvirus
Genus Sextaecvirus
Genus Sfi11virus
Genus Sfi21dt1virus
Genus Siphoviridae incertae sedis
Genus Sitaravirus
Genus Sk1virus
Genus Slashvirus
Genus Smoothievirus
Genus Soupsvirus
Genus Sp31virus
Genus Spbetavirus
Genus Ssp2virus
Genus T1virus
Genus T5virus
Genus Tankvirus
Genus Tin2virus
Genus Titanvirus
Genus Tlsvirus
Genus Tm4virus
Genus Tp21virus
Genus Tp84virus
Genus Triavirus
Genus Trigintaduovirus
Genus Una4virus
Genus Vegasvirus
Genus Vendettavirus
Genus Wbetavirus
Genus Wildcatvirus
Genus Wizardvirus
Genus Woesvirus
Genus Xp10virus
Genus Ydn12virus
Genus Yuavirus

Genus C2-like viruses accepted as C2virus
Genus c2-like viruses accepted as C2virus
Genus C2likevirus accepted as C2virus
Genus fC31-like viruses accepted as R4virus
Genus L5-like viruses accepted as L5virus
Genus L5likevirus accepted as L5virus
Genus lambda-like phages accepted as Lambdavirus
Genus Lambda-like viruses accepted as Lambdavirus
Genus Lambdalikevirus accepted as Lambdavirus
Genus l-like viruses accepted as Lambdavirus
Genus N15-like viruses accepted as N15virus
Genus N15likevirus accepted as N15virus
Genus PhiC31-like viruses accepted as Phic31virus
Genus Phic3unalikevirus accepted as Phic31virus
Genus psiM1-like viruses accepted as Psimunavirus
Genus PsiM1-like viruses accepted as Psimunavirus
Genus Psimunalikevirus accepted as Psimunavirus
Genus SPbeta-like viruses accepted as Spbetavirus
Genus Spbetalikevirus accepted as Spbetavirus
Genus T1-like viruses accepted as T1virus
Genus T5-like viruses accepted as T5virus
Genus T5likevirus accepted as T5virus
Genus Tunalikevirus accepted as T1virus
Genus Yualikevirus accepted as Yuavirus
recent only
Not documented
IRMNG (2021). Siphoviridae. Accessed at: on 2022-01-21
2006-09-19 22:00:00Z
2011-12-31 23:00:00Z

basis of record CoL2006/ICTVdB [details]   

current name source International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV). (2018). ICTV Master Species List 2017 v1.0 (ratified 2018). , available online at [details]   

extant flag source CoL2006/ICTVdB [details]   

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