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1377  (

Pascher, 1914
Synurophyceae · unaccepted (separation from Chrysophyceae not...)  
separation from Chrysophyceae not universally supported, refer note
Order Apoikiales
Order Chromulinales
Order Chrysophyceae incertae sedis
Order Chrysosphaerales
Order Hibberdiales
Order Hydrurales
Order Ochromonadales
Order Paraphysomonadales
Order Rhizochrysidales
Order Segregatospumellales
Order Synurales
Order Thallochrysidales

Order Chrysophyceae (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)

Order Apoikiida accepted as Apoikiales (zoological termination; botanical treatment preferred at this time in IRMNG)
Order Chromalinales accepted as Chromulinales
Order Chrysamoebidales accepted as Chromulinales
Order Chrysocapsales accepted as Chromulinales
Order Paraphysomonadida accepted as Paraphysomonadales (zoological termination; botanical treatment preferred at this time in IRMNG)
Order Segregatales accepted as Segregatospumellales (incorrectly formed based on type genus)
marine, fresh
recent + fossil
Not documented
IRMNG (2021). Chrysophyceae. Accessed at: on 2022-09-30
2010-05-31 22:00:00Z
2011-12-31 23:00:00Z
2017-03-26 06:00:59Z
2020-12-23 18:48:52Z

basis of record Parker, S.P. (ed). (1982). Synopsis and Classification of Living Organisms. McGraw-Hill, New York. 2 volumes.  [details]   

current name source Ruggiero, M. A.; Gordon, D. P.; Orrell, T. M.; Bailly, N.; Bourgoin, T.; Brusca, R. C.; Cavalier-Smith, T.; Guiry, M. D.; Kirk, P. M. (2015). A higher level classification of all living organisms. <em>PLOS ONE.</em> 10(4): e0119248., available online at [details]   

original description  (of Synurophyceae) Andersen, R. A. (1987). Synurophyceae classis nov., a new class of Algae. <em>American Journal of Botany.</em> 74(3): 337-353., available online at [details]   

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