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11584  (

Linnaeus, 1758
Family Acanaloniidae
Family Acanthosomatidae
Family Achilidae
Family Achilixiidae
Family Aclerdidae
Family Adelgidae
Family Aenictopecheidae
Family Aetalionidae
Family Agalliidae
Family Aleyrodidae
Family Alydidae Amyot & Serville, 1843
Family Aneuridae
Family Anoeciidae
Family Anthocoridae
Family Aphalaridae
Family Aphelocheiridae
Family Aphididae
Family Aphidomorpha incertae sedis
Family Aphrophoridae
Family Aphylidae
Family Apiomorphidae
Family Apticoccidae Vea & Grimaldi, 2015 †
Family Aradidae
Family Archegocimicidae †
Family Archescytinidae †
Family Archiconiopterygidae Ansorge, 1996 †
Family Archijassidae †
Family Artheneidae
Family Asterolecaniidae
Family Aviorrhynchidae Nel, Bourgoin, Engel & Szwedo in Nel, Roques, Nel, Prokin, Bourgoin et al., 2013 †
Family Bajsaphididae Homan, Żyła & Wegierek, 2015 †
Family Beesoniidae
Family Belostomatidae Leach, 1815
Family Bernaeidae †
Family Berytidae Fieber, 1851
Family Biturritiidae
Family Blissidae
Family Boreoscytidae †
Family Burmitaphididae Poinar & Brown, 2005 †
Family Caliscelidae
Family Callaphididae
Family Calophyidae
Family Canadaphididae †
Family Canopidae
Family Cantacaderidae
Family Capsidae
Family Carayonemidae
Family Carsidaridae
Family Ceratocombidae
Family Cercopidae
Family Cercopionidae †
Family Cerococcidae
Family Chiliocyclidae †
Family Cicadellidae Latreille, 1825
Family Cicadidae Leach, 1815
Family Cicadoidea incertae sedis
Family Cicadoprosbolidae †
Family Cimicidae
Family Cixiidae
Family Clastopteridae
Family Coccidae
Family Coleoscytidae †
Family Colobathristidae
Family Conchaspididae
Family Coreidae Leach, 1815
Family Corixidae Leach, 1815
Family Creaphididae †
Family Cryptococcidae
Family Cryptorhamphidae
Family Cryptostemmatidae
Family Cuneocoridae †
Family Curaliidae Schuh, Weirauch & Henry, 2008
Family Curvicubitidae Hong, 1984 †
Family Cydnidae
Family Cymidae
Family Cyrtocoridae
Family Dactylopiidae
Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815
Family Deltocephalidae
Family Derbidae
Family Diaspididae
Family Dictyopharidae
Family Dinidoridae
Family Dipsocoridae
Family Dracaphididae Hong, Zhang, Guo & Heie, 2009 †
Family Drepanosiphidae
Family Dunstaniidae †
Family Dysmorphoptilidae †
Family Ebboidae Perrichot, Nel, Guilbert & Neraudeau, 2006 †
Family Elasmodemidae
Family Electrococcidae Koteja, 2000 †
Family Elektraphididae †
Family Enicocephalidae
Family Epipygidae Hamilton, 2001
Family Eriococcidae
Family Errhomenellidae
Family Eumenotidae
Family Eurybrachidae Stål, 1862
Family Eurymelidae
Family Evacanthidae
Family Flatidae
Family Fulgoridae Latreille, 1807
Family Fulgoridiidae Handlirsch, 1939 †
Family Fulgoromorpha incertae sedis
Family Gelastocoridae
Family Genaphididae †
Family Gengidae
Family Geocoridae
Family Gerridae Leach, 1815
Family Granulidae †
Family Greenideidae
Family Halimococcidae
Family Hammanococcidae Koteja & Azar, 2008 †
Family Hebridae
Family Helotrephidae
Family Hemiptera incertae sedis
Family Henicocoridae
Family Hermatobatidae
Family Heterogastridae
Family Hispanocaderidae Golub, Popov & Arillo, 2012 †
Family Hodgsonicoccidae Vea & Grimaldi, 2015 †
Family Homotomidae
Family Hormaphididae
Family Hydrometridae
Family Hylicellidae †
Family Hylicidae
Family Hyocephalidae
Family Hypochthonellidae
Family Hypsipterygidae
Family Idioceridae
Family Idiostolidae
Family Ignotalidae †
Family Ignotingidae Zhang, Golub, Popov & Shcherbakov, 2005 †
Family Ingruidae †
Family Inkaidae †
Family Ipsviciidae †
Family Isolitaphidae Poinar, 2017 †
Family Isometopidae
Family Issidae Spinola, 1839
Family Jascopidae †
Family Jassidae
Family Joppeicidae
Family Karabasiidae †
Family Karanabidae †
Family Kermesidae
Family Kerriidae
Family Kinnaridae Muir, 1925
Family Kobdocoridae †
Family Kozariidae Vea & Grimaldi, 2015 †
Family Kuwaniidae MacGillivray, 1921 †
Family Lachnidae Koch, 1857
Family Lalacidae Hamilton, 1990 †
Family Largidae
Family Lebanococcidae Koteja & Azar, 2008 †
Family Lecanodiaspididae
Family Leotichiidae
Family Leptopodidae
Family Lestoniidae
Family Liadopsyllidae Martynov, 1927 †
Family Ligavenidae †
Family Liviidae
Family Lophopidae
Family Lutevanaphididae Szwedo, Lapeyrie & Nel, 2015 †
Family Lygaeidae
Family Machaerotidae Stål, 1866
Family Macroveliidae
Family Madeoveliidae
Family Magnacicadiidae †
Family Maguviopseidae Shcherbakov, 2011 †
Family Malcidae
Family Malmopsyllidae †
Family Margarodidae
Family Matsucoccidae
Family Medocostidae
Family Meenoplidae
Family Megarididae
Family Membracidae
Family Meschiidae Malipatil, 2014
Family Mesogereonidae †
Family Mesopentacoridae †
Family Mesotrephidae †
Family Mesoveliidae
Family Micrococcidae
Family Micronectidae Jaczewski, 1924
Family Microphysidae
Family Mimarachnidae Shcherbakov, 2007 †
Family Mindaridae
Family Miridae
Family Monophlebidae
Family Myerslopiidae
Family Nabidae
Family Naucoridae
Family Neazoniidae Szwedo, 2007 †
Family Neopsylloididae †
Family Nepidae Latreille, 1802
Family Nepoidea incertae sedis
Family Nicomiidae
Family Ninidae
Family Nogodinidae Melichar, 1898
Family Notonectidae Latreille, 1802
Family Ochteridae Kirkaldy, 1906
Family Ochteroidea incertae sedis †
Family Omaniidae Cobben, 1970
Family Ortheziidae
Family Oviparosiphidae †
Family Oxycarenidae
Family Pachygronthidae
Family Pachymeridiidae †
Family Pachynomidae
Family Palaeoaphididae †
Family Palaeoleptidae Poinar, 2009 †
Family Palaeontinidae Handlirsch, 1906 †
Family Paraknightiidae †
Family Paraphrynoveliidae
Family Parvaverrucosidae Poinar & Brown, 2006 †
Family Peataspidae
Family Peloridiidae
Family Pennygullaniidae Koteja & Azar, 2008 †
Family Pentatomidae Leach, 1815
Family Pereboriidae †
Family Perforissidae Shcherbakov, 2007 †
Family Phacopteronidae
Family Phenacoleachiidae
Family Phloeidae
Family Phoenicococcidae
Family Phylloxeridae Herrich-Schaeffer, 1854
Family Phymatidae
Family Piesmatidae
Family Pincombeidae †
Family Pityococcidae
Family Plataspidae
Family Pleidae
Family Plokiophilidae
Family Polyctenidae
Family Primipentatomidae Yao, Cai, Rider & Ren, 2013 †
Family Probascaniidae †
Family Procercopidae †
Family Progonocimicidae †
Family Propreocoridae Popov, Dolling & Whalley, 1994 †
Family Prosbolecicadidae †
Family Prosbolidae †
Family Prosbolopseidae †
Family Protocoridae †
Family Protopsyllidiidae †
Family Pseudococcidae
Family Psyllidae
Family Pterocimicidae †
Family Putoidae
Family Pyrrhocoridae
Family Rasnitsynaphididae Homan & Wegierek, 2011 †
Family Reduviidae
Family Rhopalidae
Family Rhyparochromidae Amyot & Serville, 1843
Family Ricaniidae
Family Saldidae
Family Scaphocoridae †
Family Schizopteridae
Family Scutelleridae
Family Scytinopteridae †
Family Scytinopteroidea incertae sedis †
Family Serpentivenidae †
Family Shaposhnikoviidae †
Family Shurabellidae †
Family Simulaphididae Shcherbakov, 2007 †
Family Sinaphididae Zhang et al., 1989 †
Family Sinoalidae Wang & Szwedo, 2012 †
Family Sinojuraphididae Huang & Nel, 2008 †
Family Steingeliidae Morrison, 1927 †
Family Stemmocryptidae
Family Stenocephalidae
Family Stenoviciidae †
Family Stictococcidae
Family Surijokocixiidae †
Family Tachardiidae
Family Taimyrocoridae Popov, 2016 †
Family Tajmyraphididae †
Family Termitaphididae
Family Tessaratomidae
Family Tettigarctidae
Family Tettigellidae
Family Tettigometridae
Family Thaumastellidae
Family Thaumastocoridae
Family Thelaxidae
Family Thyreocoridae
Family Tibicinidae
Family Tingidae Laporte, 1833
Family Torirostratidae Yao, Cai, Shih & Engel, 2014 †
Family Triassocoridae Tillyard, 1922 †
Family Triozidae
Family Tropiduchidae
Family Urostylididae
Family Veliidae
Family Velocipedidae
Family Venicoridae Yao, Ren & Cai, 2012 †
Family Vetanthocoridae Yao, Cai & Ren, 2006 †
Family Vianaididae
Family Weiwoboidae Lin, Szwedo, Huang & Stroiński, 2010 †
Family Yuripopovinidae Azar, Nel, Engel, Garrouste & Matocq, 2011 †

Family Hemiptera (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)

Family Cicadoidae accepted as Cicadidae Leach, 1815
Family Derbridae accepted as Derbidae
Family Eriosomatidae accepted as Aphididae
Family Eurybrachyidae accepted as Eurybrachidae Stål, 1862
Family Fulgorididae † accepted as Fulgoridiidae Handlirsch, 1939 † (Misspelling)
Family Homaphididae accepted as Hormaphididae
Family Kerridae accepted as Kerriidae
Family Latiscutellidae Pinto & Ornellas, 1974 † accepted as Cydnidae
Family Ledridae accepted as Cicadellidae Latreille, 1825
Family Machaeroidae accepted as Machaerotidae Stål, 1866
Family Macropsidae accepted as Cicadellidae Latreille, 1825
Family Pbyllocephalidae accepted as Pentatomidae Leach, 1815
Family Pemphigidae accepted as Aphididae
Family Phyllocephalidae accepted as Pentatomidae Leach, 1815
Family Piesmidae accepted as Piesmatidae
Family Plataspididae accepted as Plataspidae
Family Pricecoridae Pinto & Ornellas, 1974 † accepted as Cydnidae
Family Psyliidae accepted as Psyllidae
Family Tingididae accepted as Tingidae Laporte, 1833
Family Typhlocybidae accepted as Cicadellidae Latreille, 1825
Family Ulopidae accepted as Cicadellidae Latreille, 1825
Family Urostylidae Dallas, 1851 accepted as Urostylididae
Family Xylococcidae accepted as Margarodidae
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent + fossil
Not documented
IRMNG (2021). Hemiptera. Accessed at: on 2021-10-19
2010-05-31 22:00:00Z
2011-12-31 23:00:00Z
2019-04-16 19:48:28Z

taxonomy source Ruggiero, M. A.; Gordon, D. P.; Orrell, T. M.; Bailly, N.; Bourgoin, T.; Brusca, R. C.; Cavalier-Smith, T.; Guiry, M. D.; Kirk, P. M. (2015). A higher level classification of all living organisms. <em>PLOS ONE.</em> 10(4): e0119248., available online at [details]   

current name source Ruggiero, M. A.; Gordon, D. P.; Orrell, T. M.; Bailly, N.; Bourgoin, T.; Brusca, R. C.; Cavalier-Smith, T.; Guiry, M. D.; Kirk, P. M. (2015). A higher level classification of all living organisms. <em>PLOS ONE.</em> 10(4): e0119248., available online at [details]   

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