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10063  (

Linnaeus, 1758
Family Acartophthalmidae Czerny, 1928
Family Acroceridae Leach, 1815
Family Agromyzidae Fallén, 1823
Family Anisopodidae Knab, 1912
Family Ansorgiidae Krzemiñski & Lukashevich, 1993 †
Family Antefungivoridae Rohdendorf, 1938 †
Family Anthomyiidae Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
Family Anthomyzidae Czerny, 1903
Family Apioceridae Bigot, 1857
Family Apsilocephalidae Nagatomi, Saigusa, Nagatomi & Lyneborg, 1991
Family Apystomyiidae Nagatomi & Liu, 1994
Family Archisargidae Rohdendorf, 1951 †
Family Archizelmiridae Rohdendorf, 1962 †
Family Asilidae Latreille, 1802
Family Asiloidea incertae sedis
Family Asiochaoboridae Hong & Wang, 1990 †
Family Asteiidae Rondani, 1856
Family Atelestidae Hennig, 1970
Family Athericidae Nowicki, 1873
Family Aulacigastridae Duda, 1924
Family Australimyzidae
Family Austroleptidae
Family Axymyiidae
Family Bengaliidae Lehrer, 2003
Family Bibionidae Newman, 1834
Family Blephariceridae
Family Boholdoyidae †
Family Bolitophilidae
Family Bombyliidae
Family Brachystomatidae Melander, 1908
Family Braulidae
Family Calliphoridae
Family Camillidae
Family Campichoetidae
Family Canacidae
Family Canthyloscelidae
Family Carnidae
Family Cascopleciidae Poinar, 2010 †
Family Cecidomyiidae
Family Celyphidae
Family Ceratopogonidae
Family Chamaemyiidae
Family Chaoboridae
Family Chimeromyiidae Grimaldi & Cumming, 2009 †
Family Chironomidae Macquart, 1838
Family Chironomoidea incertae sedis
Family Chloropidae
Family Chyromyidae
Family Circumphallidae Papp, 2011
Family Clusiidae
Family Coelopidae
Family Coenomyiidae
Family Conopidae
Family Cordyluridae
Family Corethrellidae
Family Cratomyiidae Mazzarolo & Amorim, 2000 †
Family Crosaphididae †
Family Cryptochetidae
Family Ctenostylidae
Family Culicidae
Family Curtonotidae
Family Cuterebridae
Family Cylindrotomidae
Family Cypselosomatidae
Family Deuterophlebiidae
Family Dexiidae
Family Diadocidiidae
Family Diastatidae
Family Dictyodipteridae †
Family Diopsidae
Family Ditomyiidae
Family Dixidae
Family Dolichopodidae
Family Drosophilidae
Family Dryomyzidae Schiner, 1864
Family Dyspolyneuridae †
Family Elliidae Krzeminska, Blagoderov & Krezmiñski, 1993 †
Family Empididae
Family Eoditomyiidae Ansorge, 1996 †
Family Eolimnobiidae †
Family Eomyiidae †
Family Eophlebomyiidae †
Family Eopleciidae †
Family Eopolyneuridae †
Family Eostratiomyiidae †
Family Ephydridae
Family Eremochaetidae †
Family Eucaudomyiidae Grimaldi, 2016 †
Family Evocoidae
Family Fanniidae
Family Fergusoninidae
Family Fungivoritidae †
Family Gasterophilidae
Family Geomyzidae
Family Glossinidae
Family Gobryidae McAlpine, 1997
Family Grauvogeliidae Krzemiński, Krzemińska & Papier, 1994 †
Family Helcomyzidae
Family Heleomyzidae Westwood, 1840
Family Helosciomyzidae
Family Hennigmatidae †
Family Hesperinidae
Family Heterocheilidae McAlpine, 1991
Family Heteropesidae
Family Hilarimorphidae
Family Hippoboscidae
Family Hoffeinsmyiidae Michelsen, 2009 †
Family Homalocnemiidae Collin, 1928
Family Huttoninidae
Family Hybotidae Meigen, 1820
Family Hyperoscelididae
Family Hyperpolyneuridae †
Family Hypodermatidae
Family Inbiomyiidae Buck, 2006
Family Ironomyiidae
Family Keroplatidae Rondani, 1856
Family Kovalevisargidae Mostovski, 1997 †
Family Lauxaniidae Macquart, 1835
Family Leptidae
Family Lestremiidae
Family Limoniidae Speiser, 1909
Family Lonchaeidae
Family Lonchopteridae
Family Luanpingitidae †
Family Lygistorrhinidae
Family Macroceridae Rondani, 1856
Family Marginidae
Family Megamerinidae
Family Mesophantasmatidae †
Family Mesosciophilidae †
Family Micropezidae
Family Microphoridae
Family Milichiidae
Family Mormotomyiidae
Family Muscidae
Family Musidoromimidae †
Family Mycetobiidae
Family Mycetophilidae
Family Mydidae
Family Mystacinobiidae
Family Mysteromyiidae Grimaldi, 2016 †
Family Mythicomyiidae
Family Nadipteridae Lukashevich, 1995 †
Family Nannodastiidae
Family Natalimyzidae Barraclough & McAlpine, 2006
Family Nemestrinidae
Family Neminidae
Family Neriidae
Family Neurochaetidae
Family Nothybidae
Family Nycteribiidae
Family Nymphomyiidae
Family Odiniidae
Family Oestridae
Family Opetiidae
Family Opomyzidae
Family Oreoleptidae Zloty, Sinclair & Pritchard, 2005
Family Orientisargidae Zhang, 2012 †
Family Ortalidae
Family Otitidae
Family Pachyneuridae
Family Palaeophoridae †
Family Palaeopleciidae †
Family Palaeostratiomyiidae †
Family Pallopteridae Loew, 1862
Family Pantophthalmidae
Family Paratendipedidae †
Family Paraxymyiidae †
Family Pediciidae
Family Pelecorhynchidae
Family Periscelididae
Family Perissommatidae Colless, 1962
Family Phaeomyiidae
Family Phasiidae
Family Phoridae
Family Phragmoligoneuridae †
Family Piophilidae
Family Pipunculidae
Family Platypezidae
Family Platystomatidae
Family Pleciidae
Family Pleciodictyidae †
Family Pleciofungivoridae †
Family Pleciomimidae †
Family Polleniidae Brauer & Bergenstamm, 1889
Family Procramptonomyiidae †
Family Proneottiophilidae †
Family Protapioceridae Ren, 1998 †
Family Protempididae †
Family Protendipedidae †
Family Protobibionidae †
Family Protobrachyceridae Rohdendorf, 1962 †
Family Protoligoneuridae †
Family Protomphralidae †
Family Protopleciidae †
Family Protorhyphidae †
Family Protoscatopsidae †
Family Pseudopomyzidae
Family Psilidae
Family Psychodidae
Family Psychodoidea incertae sedis
Family Ptychopteridae Osten Sacken, 1862
Family Pyrgotidae
Family Rangomaramidae
Family Rhaetomyiidae †
Family Rhagionemestriidae Ussatchov, 1968 †
Family Rhagionempididae Rohdendorf, 1951 †
Family Rhagionidae
Family Rhiniidae
Family Rhinophoridae Robineau-Desvoidy, 1863
Family Rhinotoridae
Family Rhyphidae
Family Richardiidae
Family Ropalomeridae
Family Sarcophagidae
Family Scathophagidae Cresson, 1918
Family Scatopsidae
Family Scenopinidae
Family Sciadoceridae
Family Sciaridae Billberg, 1820
Family Sciaroidea incertae sedis
Family Sciomyzidae
Family Sepsidae
Family Serendipidae Evenhuis, 1994 †
Family Siberhyphidae †
Family Simuliidae
Family Somatiidae
Family Spaniidae
Family Sphaeroceridae
Family Stratiomyidae
Family Streblidae
Family Strongylophthalmyiidae
Family Synneuridae
Family Syringogastridae
Family Syrphidae
Family Tabanidae
Family Tachinidae Bigot, 1853
Family Tachiniscidae
Family Tanyderidae
Family Tanyderophryneidae †
Family Tanypezidae
Family Tephritidae
Family Teratomyzidae
Family Tethepomyiidae Grimaldi & Arillo, 2008 †
Family Thaumaleidae
Family Therevidae Newman, 1834
Family Tillyardipteridae Lukashevich & Shcherbakov, 1999 †
Family Tipulidae Leach, 1815
Family Tipulodictyidae †
Family Tipulopleciidae †
Family Trichoceridae
Family Trixoscelidae
Family Trypetidae
Family Ulidiidae Macquart, 1835
Family Ulurumyiidae Michelsen & Pape, 2017
Family Uranorhagionidae Zhang, Yang & Ren, 2010 †
Family Valeseguyidae Amorim & Grimaldi, 2006
Family Vermileonidae
Family Vladipteridae Shcherbakov, 1995 †
Family Vosilidae Vršanský & Ren in Vršanský, Ren & Shih, 2010 †
Family Xenasteiidae
Family Xylomyidae
Family Xylophagidae Fallén, 1810

Family Diptera (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)
Family Eremoneura (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)

Family Alinkidae Krzemiński, 1992 † accepted as Procramptonomyiidae †
Family Anisopidae accepted as Anisopodidae Knab, 1912 (Variant spelling)
Family Architendipedidae Rohdendorf, 1962 † accepted as Ptychopteridae Osten Sacken, 1862
Family Blepharoceridae accepted as Blephariceridae
Family Bolithophilidae accepted as Bolitophilidae
Family Bombylidae accepted as Bombyliidae
Family Borboridae Newman, 1834 accepted as Sphaeroceridae
Family Canaceidae accepted as Canacidae
Family Cryptochaetidae accepted as Cryptochetidae
Family Deximorpha Brauer & Bergenstamm, 1889 accepted as Tachinidae Bigot, 1853
Family Diplopolyneuridae Rohdendorf, 1962 † accepted as Pediciidae
Family Dixamimidae † accepted as Chaoboridae
Family Eoptychopteridae Handlirsch, 1906 † accepted as Ptychopteridae Osten Sacken, 1862
Family Eurychoromyiidae endel, 1910 accepted as Lauxaniidae Macquart, 1835
Family Gracilitipulidae Hong & Wang, 1990 † accepted as Pediciidae
Family Helomyzidae accepted as Heleomyzidae Westwood, 1840
Family Limnorhyphidae Hong, 1983 † accepted as Perissommatidae Colless, 1962
Family Mesothaumaleidae † accepted as Thaumaleidae
Family Mydaidae accepted as Mydidae
Family Ocoidae accepted as Evocoidae
Family Oligophryneidae Rohdendorf, 1962 † accepted as Anisopodidae Knab, 1912
Family Oligophrynidae Rohdendorf, 1962 † accepted as Anisopodidae Knab, 1912
Family Palaeolimnobiidae Zhang, Zhang, Liu & Shangguan, 1986 † accepted as Pediciidae
Family Panthophthalmidae accepted as Pantophthalmidae
Family Parapleciidae Hong, 1983 † accepted as Paraxymyiidae †
Family Periscelidae accepted as Periscelididae
Family Perissomatidae Colless, 1962 accepted as Perissommatidae Colless, 1962
Family Phlebotomidae accepted as Psychodidae
Family Protobrachycerontidae † accepted as Protobrachyceridae Rohdendorf, 1962 †
Family Rhopalomeridae accepted as Ropalomeridae (Misspelling)
Family Richardidae accepted as Richardiidae
Family Sapromyzidae accepted as Lauxaniidae Macquart, 1835
Family Scatophagidae Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 accepted as Scathophagidae Cresson, 1918
Family Sinotendipedidae † accepted as Anisopodidae Knab, 1912
Family Sphaeoroceridae accepted as Sphaeroceridae
Family Stenomicridae Papp, 1984 accepted as Periscelididae
Family Stronglyophthalmyiidae accepted as Strongylophthalmyiidae
Family Tethinidae accepted as Canacidae
Family Xylomidae accepted as Xylomyidae
Family Zhangobiidae Evenhuis, 1994 † accepted as Pediciidae
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent + fossil
Not documented
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basis of record Parker, S.P. (ed). (1982). Synopsis and Classification of Living Organisms. McGraw-Hill, New York. 2 volumes.  [details]   

additional source Pape, T.; Blagoderov, B.; Mostovski, M. B. (2011). Order Diptera Linnaeus, 1758. In Zhang, Z.-Q. (Ed.) Animal biodiversity: An outline of higher-level classification and survey of taxonomic richness. <em>Zootaxa.</em> 3148: 222-229. [details]   

current name source Pape, T.; Blagoderov, B.; Mostovski, M. B. (2011). Order Diptera Linnaeus, 1758. In Zhang, Z.-Q. (Ed.) Animal biodiversity: An outline of higher-level classification and survey of taxonomic richness. <em>Zootaxa.</em> 3148: 222-229. [details]   

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