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Manual inspection / web search (AJR)
2011-10-06 22:00:00Z

Aalenilla Phemhoff, 1963 † accepted as Aaleniella Plumhoff, 1963 † (source of synonymy)
Acheronga Massoud & Thibaud, 1985 accepted as Acherongia Massoud & Thibaud, 1985 (source of synonymy)
Aellopos Münster, 1836 † accepted as Spathobatis Thiollière, 1849 † (source of synonymy)
Amandinea M. Choisy, 1950 accepted as Amandinea Choisy ex C. Scheidegger & M. Mayrhofer in C. Scheidegger, 1993 (source of synonymy)
Anacampti-Platanthera P. Fournier, 1927 accepted as Anacamptiplatanthera P. Fournier, 1927 (source of synonymy)
Anacampt-orchis E.G. Camus, 1892 accepted as Anacamptorchis E.G. Camus, 1892 (source of synonymy)
Anncallia Becnel, 1999 accepted as Anncaliia Issi, Krylova & Nikolaeva, 1993 (source of synonymy)
Arcyothrix Hallez, 1885 accepted as Arcuothrix Hallez, 1885 (source of synonymy)
Asthenohymen Zalessky, 1939 † accepted as Asthenohymen Tillyard, 1924 † (source of synonymy)
Brasso-cattleya Hort., 1889 accepted as Brassocattleya Hort., 1889 (source of synonymy)
Clavegellidae accepted as Clavagellidae d'Orbigny, 1843 (source of synonymy)
Coccolithophoraceae Kamptner, 1928 accepted as Coccolithaceae Poche, 1913 (source of synonymy)
Coccolithophoridae Lohmann, 1902 accepted as Coccolithaceae Poche, 1913 (source of synonymy)
Conisporium Link, 1809 accepted as Coniosporium Link, 1809 (source of synonymy)
Crataego-Mespilus Simon-Louis ex Bellair, 1899 accepted as Crataegomespilus Simon-Louis ex Bellair, 1899 (source of synonymy)
Crataegosorbus T. Makino, 1929 accepted as Crataegosorbus T. Makino ex G. Koidzumi (source of synonymy)
Crepi-Hieracium P. Fournier, 1928 accepted as Crepihieracium P. Fournier, 1928 (source of synonymy)
Crypthecodinium B. Biecheler, 1952 accepted as Crypthecodinium Biecheler, 1938 (source of synonymy)
Cyathela C.S. Rafinesque, 1819 accepted as Cyathella Rafinesque, 1815 (source of synonymy)
Dalpiaziniidae † accepted as Dalpiazinidae de Muizon, 1988 † (source of synonymy)
Diacro-Cattleya Hort., 1908 accepted as Diacrocattleya Hort., 1908 (source of synonymy)
Dichelonyx Harris in Hitchcock, 1833 accepted as Dichelonyx Harris, 1826 (source of synonymy)
Fontinaliaceae W.P. Schimper, 1855 accepted as Fontinalaceae W.P. Schimper, 1855 (source of synonymy)
Gastonialoe J.M.H. Shaw, 2017 accepted as Gastonialoe C.C. Walker, 2017 (source of synonymy)
Grimpoteuthididae accepted as Grimpoteuthidae O'Shea, 1999 (source of synonymy)
Hadrotorhynchus † accepted as Hadrotatorhynchus Sartenaer, 1986 † (source of synonymy)
Holocephala accepted as Holcocephala Jaennicke, 1867 (source of synonymy)
Hymenodiscididae accepted as Hymenodiscidae Mah, 1998 (source of synonymy)
Irania King, 1937 † accepted as Iranoleesia King, 1955 † (source of synonymy)
Lithophasia accepted as Litophasia Girschner, 1887 (source of synonymy)
Lofflerella Rouch, 1962 accepted as Loefflerella Rouch, 1962 (source of synonymy)
Luteuthididae accepted as Grimpoteuthidae O'Shea, 1999 (source of synonymy)
Machaeroidae accepted as Machaerotidae Stål, 1866 (source of synonymy)
Megaloba accepted as Mygalobas Chevrolat, 1862 (source of synonymy)
Menzbieria Plous, 1975 accepted as Menzbieria Bogoyavlensky, 1922 (source of synonymy)
Muirio-Gibbaeum H. Jacobsen, 1933 accepted as Muiriogibbaeum H. Jacobsen, 1933 (source of synonymy)
Neolampidae accepted as Neolampadidae Lambert, 1918 (source of synonymy)
Neoopsis Oman, 1937 accepted as Neopsis Oman, 1937 (source of synonymy)
Orchi-aceras E.G. Camus, 1892 accepted as Orchiaceras E.G. Camus, 1892 (source of synonymy)
Orchi-gymnadenia E.G. Camus, 1892 accepted as Orchigymnadenia E.G. Camus, 1892 (source of synonymy)
Orchi-Serapias E.G. Camus, 1892 accepted as Orchiserapias E.G. Camus, 1892 (source of synonymy)
Osteoborus Gregory, 1942 † accepted as Osteoborus Stirton & Vanderhoof, 1933 † (source of synonymy)
Pachidissus accepted as Pachydissus Newman, 1838 (source of synonymy)
Paleoparadoxa Reinhart, 1959 † accepted as Paleoparadoxia Reinhart, 1959 † (source of synonymy)
Pericelididae Laidlaw, 1902 accepted as Pericelidae Laidlaw, 1902 (source of synonymy)
Phialucidae accepted as Phialuciidae Kramp, 1955 (source of synonymy)
Poroleda Tate, 1893 accepted as Poroleda Hutton, 1893 (source of synonymy)
Pseudomyllocerus Marseul, 1873 accepted as Pseudomyllocerus Desbrochers, 1872 (source of synonymy)
Ptychogastridae accepted as Ptychogastriidae Mayer, 1910 (source of synonymy)
Rhyzobius Stephens, 1831 accepted as Rhyzobius Stephens, 1829 (source of synonymy)
Schomburgkio-Cattleya Hort., 1903 accepted as Schomburgkiocattleya Hort., 1903 (source of synonymy)
Scolopendra Cordiner, 1785 accepted as Myrianida Milne Edwards, 1845 (source of synonymy)
Scrophulari-Verbascum P. Fournier, 1928 accepted as Scrophulariverbascum P. Fournier, 1928 (source of synonymy)
Sistostrema accepted as Sistotrema E.M. Fries, 1821 (source of synonymy)
Skleroceras accepted as Lamprotatus Westwood, 1833 (source of synonymy)
Spatularia accepted as Spathularia Persoon, 1797 (source of synonymy)
Sphaeroides accepted as Sphaerodes Clements, 1909 (source of synonymy)
Sphenotheca accepted as Sphenothecus Dejean, 1835 accepted as Sphaenothecus Dupont, 1838 (source of synonymy)
Strangali accepted as Strangalia Dejean, 1835 (source of synonymy)
Veronia accepted as Vernonia Schreber, 1791 (source of synonymy)
Zatracheidae Williston, 1910 † accepted as Zatrachydidae Cope, 1882 † (source of synonymy)

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