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Hope, F.W. (1841). The coleopterist's manual, part the third, containing various families, genera, and species, of beetles. [1840] J.C. Bridgewater and Bowdery & Kerby, London. 191pp.
Hope, F.W.
The coleopterist's manual, part the third, containing various families, genera, and species, of beetles
[1840] J.C. Bridgewater and Bowdery & Kerby, London. 191pp.
See Bousquet, 2016 for dating.
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Agasta Hope, 1840 (original description)
Agelocerus Hope, 1840 accepted as Agetocera Hope, 1840 (original description)
Ametalla Hope, 1840 (original description)
Bia Hope, 1840 accepted as Bius Dejean, 1834 (original description)
Calaspidea Hope, 1840 accepted as Eugenysa Chevrolat, 1837 (original description)
Calochrosis Hope, 1840 (original description)
Calomela Hope, 1840 (original description)
Calopepla Hope, 1840 accepted as Craspedonta Dejean, 1835 (original description)
Chrysochloa Hope, 1840 accepted as Oreina Chevrolat, 1837 (original description)
Cladocera Hope, 1840 accepted as Polyclada Chevrolat, 1833 (original description)
Corynodes Hope, 1840 accepted as Platycorynus Chevrolat, 1841 (original description)
Cyphaleus Hope, 1840 accepted as Cyphaleus Westwood, 1841 (original description)
Cyphomorpha Hope, 1840 accepted as Chelymorpha Chevrolat in Dejean, 1837 (original description)
Cyphoptera Hope, 1840 accepted as Elytrogona Dejean, 1835 (original description)
Cyrtoscelis Hope, 1840 accepted as Nicrophorus Fabricius, 1775 (original description)
Diamesus Hope, 1840 (original description)
Estigmena Hope, 1840 (original description)
Gastroeidea Hope, 1840 accepted as Gastrophysa Chevrolat in Dejean, 1836 (original description)
Heliosteres Hope, 1840 (original description)
Hemisphaerica Hope, 1840 accepted as Coccinella Linnaeus, 1758 (original description)
Hoplionota Hope, 1840 accepted as Notosacantha Chevrolat in Dejean, 1837 (original description)
Isopteron Hope, 1840 (original description)
Lasia Hope, 1840 accepted as Subcoccinella Huber, 1841 (original description)
Lepidopteryx Hope, 1840 accepted as Gymnocheilis Dejean, 1835 (original description)
Macromelea Hope, 1840 (original description)
Macroprion Hope, 1840 accepted as Trogoderma Dejean, 1821 (original description)
Malacoptera Hope, 1840 accepted as Exosoma Jacoby, 1903 (original description)
Mecynodera Hope, 1840 (original description)
Metriopa Hope, 1840 accepted as Metriopus Solier, 1835 (original description)
Micraspis Hope, 1840 (original description)
Microzoon Hope, 1840 (original description)
Nictipates Hope, 1840 (original description)
Omoplata Hope, 1840 accepted as Echoma Chevrolat in Dejean, 1837 (original description)
Pachylocerus Hope, 1840 accepted as Pycnocerus Westwood, 1841 (original description)
Paecilomorpha Hope, 1840 (original description)
Polyspila Hope, 1840 accepted as Calligrapha Chevrolat in Dejean, 1836 (original description)
Polysticta Hope, 1840 accepted as Chrysolina Motschoulsky in Schrenck, 1860 (original description)
Porphyraspis Hope, 1840 accepted as Hemisphaerota Chevrolat in Dejean, 1837 (original description)
Pyganisia Hope, 1840 accepted as Pyanisia Laporte in BrullĂ©, 1840 accepted as Cymatothes Dejean, 1834 (original description)
Scleron Hope, 1840 accepted as Sclerum Dejean, 1834 (original description)
Selenites Hope, 1840 accepted as Cheilomenes Chevrolat, 1837 (original description)
Somaticus Hope, 1840 (original description)
Tauroceras Hope, 1840 (original description)
Thoracophorus Hope, 1840 accepted as Cardiothorax Motschoulsky, 1860 (original description)
Tracheloeum Hope, 1840 (original description)
Trichoton Hope, 1841 (original description)
Zopherus Hope, 1840 (original description)

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