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IRMNG source details

2011-10-06 22:00:00Z

Acanthaeschna Selys, 1883 (basis of record)
Acanthaeschna Selys, 1883 (extant flag source)
Acisoma Rambur, 1842 (extant flag source)
Acisoma Rambur, 1842 (basis of record)
Acrogomphus Laidlaw, 1925 (basis of record)
Acrogomphus Laidlaw, 1925 (extant flag source)
Aeschnophlebia Selys, 1883 (basis of record)
Aeschnophlebia Selys, 1883 (extant flag source)
Aethriamanta Kirby, 1889 (basis of record)
Aethriamanta Kirby, 1889 (extant flag source)
Africallagma Kennedy, 1920 (extant flag source)
Africallagma Kennedy, 1920 (basis of record)
Africocypha Pinhey, 1961 (extant flag source)
Africocypha Pinhey, 1961 (basis of record)
Agriomorpha May, 1933 (basis of record)
Agriomorpha May, 1933 (extant flag source)
Agrionoptera Brauer, 1864 (basis of record)
Agrionoptera Brauer, 1864 (extant flag source)
Agyrtacantha Lieftinck, 1937 (extant flag source)
Agyrtacantha Lieftinck, 1937 (basis of record)
Aino Kirby, 1890 (basis of record)
Aino Kirby, 1890 (current name source)
Aino Kirby, 1890 (extant flag source)
Allolestes Selys, 1869 (extant flag source)
Allolestes Selys, 1869 (basis of record)
Allophaea Fraser, 1929 (basis of record)
Allophaea Fraser, 1929 (extant flag source)
Allorrhizucha Karsch, 1889 (extant flag source)
Allorrhizucha Karsch, 1889 (basis of record)
Altaigomphus Bartenef, 1930 (current name source)
Altaigomphus Bartenef, 1930 (basis of record)
Altaigomphus Bartenef, 1930 (extant flag source)
Amorphostigma Fraser, 1925 (extant flag source)
Amorphostigma Fraser, 1925 (basis of record)
Amphiaeschna Selys, 1871 (basis of record)
Amphiaeschna Selys, 1871 (extant flag source)
Amphiallagma Kennedy, 1920 (extant flag source)
Amphiallagma Kennedy, 1920 (basis of record)
Amphicnemis Selys, 1863 (basis of record)
Amphicnemis Selys, 1863 (extant flag source)
Amphigomphus Chao, 1954 (extant flag source)
Amphigomphus Chao, 1954 (basis of record)
Amphithemis Selys, 1891 (basis of record)
Amphithemis Selys, 1891 (extant flag source)
Anaciaeschna Selys, 1878 (basis of record)
Anaciaeschna Selys, 1878 (extant flag source)
Anacordulia Tillyard, 1926 (extant flag source)
Anacordulia Tillyard, 1926 (current name source)
Anacordulia Tillyard, 1926 (basis of record)
Anisogomphus Selys, 1854 (basis of record)
Anisogomphus Selys, 1854 (extant flag source)
Anisophaea Fraser, 1934 (extant flag source)
Anisophaea Fraser, 1934 (basis of record)
Anomalagrion Selys in Sagra, 1857 (basis of record)
Anomalagrion Selys in Sagra, 1857 (extant flag source)
Anormogomphus Selys, 1854 (basis of record)
Anormogomphus Selys, 1854 (extant flag source)
Antipodogomphus Fraser, 1951 (extant flag source)
Antipodogomphus Fraser, 1951 (basis of record)
Antipodophlebia (basis of record)
Antipodophlebia (extant flag source)
Apocordulia Watson, 1980 (extant flag source)
Apocordulia Watson, 1980 (basis of record)
Arabicnemis Waterston, 1984 (extant flag source)
Arabicnemis Waterston, 1984 (basis of record)
Archaeophlebia Ris, 1909 (basis of record)
Archaeophlebia Ris, 1909 (extant flag source)
Archaeophya Fraser, 1959 (extant flag source)
Archaeophya Fraser, 1959 (basis of record)
Archboldargia Lieftinck, 1949 (basis of record)
Archboldargia Lieftinck, 1949 (extant flag source)
Archibasis Kirby, 1890 (basis of record)
Archibasis Kirby, 1890 (extant flag source)
Archineura Kirby, 1894 (extant flag source)
Archineura Kirby, 1894 (basis of record)
Archipetalia Tillyard, 1917 (basis of record)
Archipetalia Tillyard, 1917 (extant flag source)
Aristocypha Laidlaw, 1950 (basis of record)
Aristocypha Laidlaw, 1950 (extant flag source)
Armagomphus Carle, 1986 (basis of record)
Armagomphus Carle, 1986 (extant flag source)
Arrhenocnemis Lieftinck, 1933 (basis of record)
Arrhenocnemis Lieftinck, 1933 (extant flag source)
Asthenocnemis Lieftinck, 1949 (extant flag source)
Asthenocnemis Lieftinck, 1949 (basis of record)
Atoconeura Karsch, 1899 (extant flag source)
Atoconeura Karsch, 1899 (basis of record)
Austroaeschna Selys, 1883 (basis of record)
Austroaeschna Selys, 1883 (extant flag source)
Austroagrion Tillyard, 1913 (extant flag source)
Austroagrion Tillyard, 1913 (basis of record)
Austroallagma Lieftinck, 1953 (basis of record)
Austroallagma Lieftinck, 1953 (extant flag source)
Austroargiolestes Kennedy, 1925 (basis of record)
Austroargiolestes Kennedy, 1925 (extant flag source)
Austrocnemis Tillyard, 1913 (extant flag source)
Austrocnemis Tillyard, 1913 (basis of record)
Austrogomphus Selys, 1854 (extant flag source)
Austrogomphus Selys, 1854 (basis of record)
Austrogynacantha Tillyard, 1908 (basis of record)

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