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Medlin, L. K. (2016). Evolution of the diatoms: major steps in their evolution and a review of the supporting molecular and morphological evidence. Phycologia. 55(1): 79-103.
10.2216/15-105.1 [view]
Medlin, L. K.
Evolution of the diatoms: major steps in their evolution and a review of the supporting molecular and morphological evidence
55(1): 79-103
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Achnanthales accepted as Mastogloiales (name verified source)
Achnanthales accepted as Mastogloiales (taxonomy source)
Anaulales (current name source)
Anaulales (taxonomy source)
Anaulales (name verified source)
Arachnoidiscales accepted as Stictodiscales (taxonomy source)
Arachnoidiscales accepted as Stictodiscales (name verified source)
Asterolamprales (name verified source)
Asterolamprales (taxonomy source)
Asterolamprales (current name source)
Aulacoseirales (current name source)
Aulacoseirales (taxonomy source)
Aulacoseirales (name verified source)
Bacillariales (taxonomy source)
Bacillariales (name verified source)
Bacillariales (current name source)
Bacillariophyceae (additional source)
Bacillariophyta (additional source)
Biddulphiales (taxonomy source)
Biddulphiales (name verified source)
Chaetocerotales (taxonomy source)
Chaetocerotales (current name source)
Chaetocerotales (name verified source)
Chrysanthemodiscales accepted as Stictodiscales (name verified source)
Chrysanthemodiscales accepted as Stictodiscales (taxonomy source)
Corethrales (name verified source)
Corethrales (taxonomy source)
Corethrales (current name source)
Coscinodiscaceae Kützing, 1844 (taxonomy source)
Coscinodiscaceae Kützing, 1844 (current name source)
Coscinodiscaceae Kützing, 1844 (name verified source)
Coscinodiscales (name verified source)
Coscinodiscales (taxonomy source)
Coscinodiscales (current name source)
Coscinodiscophyceae (basis of record)
Coscinodiscophyceae (taxonomy source)
Coscinodiscophyceae (name verified source)
Cymatosirales (taxonomy source)
Cymatosirales (name verified source)
Cymatosirales (current name source)
Cymbellales (name verified source)
Cymbellales (taxonomy source)
Cymbellales (current name source)
Dictyoneidales (taxonomy source)
Dictyoneidales (name verified source)
Dictyoneidales (current name source)
Ethmodiscales (taxonomy source)
Ethmodiscales (current name source)
Ethmodiscales (name verified source)
Eunotiales (name verified source)
Eunotiales (taxonomy source)
Eunotiales (current name source)
Fragilariales (name verified source)
Fragilariales (taxonomy source)
Fragilariales (current name source)
Hemiaulales (name verified source)
Hemiaulales (taxonomy source)
Hemiaulales (current name source)
Leptocylindrales accepted as Chaetocerotales (name verified source)
Leptocylindrales accepted as Chaetocerotales (taxonomy source)
Licmophorales (current name source)
Licmophorales (taxonomy source)
Licmophorales (name verified source)
Lithodesmiales (current name source)
Lithodesmiales (taxonomy source)
Lithodesmiales (name verified source)
Lyrellales (name verified source)
Lyrellales (current name source)
Lyrellales (taxonomy source)
Mastogloiales (taxonomy source)
Mastogloiales (name verified source)
Mastogloiales (current name source)
Mediophyceae (basis of record)
Mediophyceae (name verified source)
Mediophyceae (taxonomy source)
Melosirales (taxonomy source)
Melosirales (name verified source)
Melosirales (current name source)
Naviculales (taxonomy source)
Naviculales (current name source)
Naviculales (name verified source)
Orthoseirales accepted as Melosirales (taxonomy source)
Orthoseirales accepted as Melosirales (name verified source)
Rhabdonematales (current name source)
Rhabdonematales (taxonomy source)
Rhabdonematales (name verified source)
Rhaphoneidales (name verified source)
Rhaphoneidales (taxonomy source)
Rhaphoneidales (current name source)
Rhizosoleniales (name verified source)
Rhizosoleniales (current name source)
Rhizosoleniales (taxonomy source)
Rhopalodiales (name verified source)
Rhopalodiales (current name source)
Rhopalodiales (taxonomy source)
Stictocyclales accepted as Stictodiscales (name verified source)
Stictocyclales accepted as Stictodiscales (taxonomy source)
Stictodiscales (current name source)
Stictodiscales (taxonomy source)
Stictodiscales (name verified source)

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