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Nelson, J. S.; Grande, T. C.; Wilson, M. V. H. (2016). Fishes of the World, Fifth Edition. John Wiley & Sons, 752 pp.
Nelson, J. S.; Grande, T. C.; Wilson, M. V. H.
Fishes of the World, Fifth Edition. John Wiley & Sons, 752 pp.
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2016-07-29 23:57:30Z

Branchiostomatidae Bonaparte, 1846 (additional source)
Branchiostomatidae Bonaparte, 1846 (extant flag source)
Branchiostomatidae Bonaparte, 1846 (habitat flag source)
Branchiostomatidae Bonaparte, 1846 (current name source)
Branchiostomidae Bonaparte, 1846 accepted as Branchiostomatidae Bonaparte, 1846 (source of synonymy)
Chondrichthyes (current name source)
Chondrichthyes (taxonomy source)
Crossognathidae † (taxonomy source)
Crossognathidae † (current name source)
Dorypteridae Cope, 1877 † (taxonomy source)
Dorypteriformes † (basis of record)
Dorypteriformes † (extant flag source)
Dorypteriformes † (name verified source)
Dorypteriformes † (current name source)
Notelopidae Forey, 1977 † (taxonomy source)
Notelopidae Forey, 1977 † (current name source)
Pachyrhizodontidae Cope, 1872 † (current name source)
Pachyrhizodontidae Cope, 1872 † (taxonomy source)
Pholidophorus Agassiz, 1832 † (verified source for family)
Protacrodontidae Cappetta, Duffin & Zidek, 1993 † (taxonomy source)
Protacrodontiformes † (basis of record)
Pycnodontiformes † (habitat flag source)
Pycnodontiformes † (extant flag source)
 Descriptive info

Marine, fossil: Devonian (Sepkoski 2002 - as Protacodus) [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Spelling Branchiostomidae is used in many sources, Baranchiostomatidae is correct form following type genus and ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark

This spelling used in many sources, however Branchiostomatidae is correct form based on type genus and also Nelson ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Included in Semionotidae by some authors, including Nelson et al., 2016. [details]

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