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IRMNG source details

SysTax: SysTax
2011-10-06 22:00:00Z

Circocyllibamidae Sellnick, 1926 (basis of record)
Colluricinclidae (basis of record)
Glyphiulidae (basis of record)
Haasiidae Hoffman, 1980 accepted as Anthogonidae Ribaut, 1913 (basis of record)
Macrochaeteumatidae (basis of record)
Manaosbiidae Roewer, 1943 (basis of record)
Megapodidae Lesson, 1831 accepted as Megapodiidae Lesson, 1831 (basis of record)
Microlympiidae (basis of record)
Oxychilidae (basis of record)
Pyramidopidae Starega (basis of record)
Rhipiduridae (basis of record)
Rhopaloiulidae (basis of record)
Stylocellidae Hansen & Sørensen, 1904 (basis of record)
Synodidae accepted as Synodontidae (basis of record)
Vanellidae Blyth, 1849 accepted as Charadriidae Vigors, 1825 (basis of record)
Zalmoxioidae Sørensen in L. Koch, 1886 accepted as Zalmoxidae (basis of record)

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