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manually created cross ref
2011-10-06 22:00:00Z

Achinoë Gray, 1867 accepted as Achinoe Gray, 1867 accepted as Plakina Schulze, 1880 (source of synonymy)
Acoëssus Cope, 1881 † accepted as Acoessus Cope, 1881 † (source of synonymy)
Acroëctasis Rübsaamen, 1910 accepted as Acroectasis Rübsaamen, 1910 (source of synonymy)
Actäana Klunzinger, 1913 accepted as Actaana Klunzinger, 1913 (source of synonymy)
Aëdonis Morris, 1837 accepted as Aedonis Morris, 1837 (source of synonymy)
Aëdonops Brehm in Baedeker, 1863 accepted as Aedonops Brehm in Baedeker, 1863 (source of synonymy)
Aëllo Gozis, 1882 accepted as Aello Gozis, 1882 accepted as Pterostichus Bonelli, 1810 (source of synonymy)
Aëllo Gloger, 1827 accepted as Aello Gloger, 1827 (source of synonymy)
Aëllodon Agassiz, 1846 accepted as Aellodon Agassiz, 1846 (source of synonymy)
Aëpocerus Mayr, 1885 accepted as Aepocerus Mayr, 1885 (source of synonymy)
Aëpophilus Signoret, 1879 accepted as Aepophilus Signoret, 1879 (source of synonymy)
Aëptus Dallas, 1851 accepted as Aeptus Dallas, 1851 (source of synonymy)
Aëpycephalus Ausserer, 1871 accepted as Aepycephalus Ausserer, 1871 accepted as Cteniza Latreille in Cuvier, 1829 (source of synonymy)
Aëratochlaenius Lučnik, 1933 accepted as Aeratochlaenius Lučnik, 1933 accepted as Hemichlaenius Bates, 1892 (source of synonymy)
Aëria Gistl, 1848 accepted as Aeria Gistl, 1848 (source of synonymy)
Aërnauta Berge, 1842 accepted as Aernauta Berge, 1842 (source of synonymy)
Aërocharis Gistl, 1848 accepted as Aerocharis Gistl, 1848 (source of synonymy)
Aëroglyphus Zachvatkin, 1941 accepted as Aeroglyphus Zachvatkin, 1941 (source of synonymy)
Aëromachus Nicéville, 1890 accepted as Aeromachus Nicéville, 1890 (source of synonymy)
Aëromyrma Forel, 1891 accepted as Aeromyrma Forel, 1891 (source of synonymy)
Aëronaea Agassiz, 1846 accepted as Aeronaea Agassiz, 1846 accepted as Aerenaea Dejean, 1835 accepted as Aerenea Thomson, 1857 (source of synonymy)
Aëropa Weise, 1889 accepted as Aeropa Weise, 1889 accepted as Paridea Baly, 1886 (source of synonymy)
Aërope Jeffreys, 1876 accepted as Aerope Jeffreys, 1876 (source of synonymy)
Aërophilina Enderlein, 1920 accepted as Aerophilina Enderlein, 1920 (source of synonymy)
Aërophiliodes Strand, 1911 accepted as Aerophiliodes Strand, 1911 (source of synonymy)
Aëropsis Mortensen, 1907 accepted as Aeropsis Mortensen, 1907 (source of synonymy)
Aëropus Gistl, 1848 accepted as Aeropus Gistl, 1848 (source of synonymy)
Aërornis Bertoni, 1901 accepted as Aerornis Bertoni, 1901 (source of synonymy)
Aethaloëssa Lederer, 1863 accepted as Aethaloessa Lederer, 1863 (source of synonymy)
Aëthedoris Abraham, 1877 accepted as Aethedoris Abraham, 1877 accepted as Hexabranchus Ehrenberg, 1828 (source of synonymy)
Aëtheolepis Warren, 1896 accepted as Aetheolepis Warren, 1896 (source of synonymy)
Aëtheometra Prout, 1931 accepted as Aetheometra Prout, 1931 (source of synonymy)
Aëtheorhinus Agassiz, 1846 accepted as Aetheorhinus Agassiz, 1846 accepted as Aetherhinus Schönherr, 1840 (source of synonymy)
Aëthius Agassiz, 1846 accepted as Aethius Agassiz, 1846 (source of synonymy)
Aëthorhynchus Sundevall, 1872 accepted as Aethorhynchus Sundevall, 1872 (source of synonymy)
Aëtia Agassiz, 1846 accepted as Aetia Agassiz, 1846 (source of synonymy)
Aëtoplatea Valenciennes in Müller & Henle, 1841 accepted as Aetoplatea Valenciennes in Müller & Henle, 1841 accepted as Gymnura van Hasselt, 1823 (source of synonymy)
Aëtoplatia Agassiz, 1846 accepted as Aetoplatia Agassiz, 1846 (source of synonymy)
Aëtorhinus Fieber, 1860 accepted as Aetorhinus Fieber, 1860 (source of synonymy)
Aëtos Nitzsch, 1833 accepted as Aetos Nitzsch, 1833 (source of synonymy)
Aëtosaurus Fraas, 1877 accepted as Aetosaurus Fraas, 1877 (source of synonymy)
Aglaïa Brady in Folin & Périer, 1867 accepted as Aglaiocypris Sylvester-Bradley, 1947 (source of synonymy)
Aglaïactis Gould, 1848 accepted as Aglaeactis Gould, 1848 (source of synonymy)
Aïstus Brunner, 1888 accepted as Aistus Brunner, 1888 (source of synonymy)
Alcinoëta Strand, 1929 accepted as Alcinoeta Strand, 1929 (source of synonymy)
Alcithoë Adams, 1853 accepted as Alcithoe H. Adams & A. Adams, 1853 (source of synonymy)
Allgénia Strand, 1934 accepted as Allgenia Strand, 1934 (source of synonymy)
Allgéniella Strand, 1934 accepted as Allgeniella Strand, 1934 (source of synonymy)
Alsoëcus Kaup, 1829 accepted as Alsoecus Kaup, 1829 (source of synonymy)
Alvaëra Bock, 1923 accepted as Alvaera Bock, 1923 accepted as Acmostomum Schmarda, 1859 (source of synonymy)
Amia-coprus Buckland, 1829 † accepted as Amiacoprus Buckland, 1829 † (source of synonymy)
Ammitzböllia Ringdahl, 1929 accepted as Ammitzbollia Ringdahl, 1929 (source of synonymy)
Amphipronoë Spence Bate, 1862 accepted as Amphipronoe Spence Bate, 1862 (source of synonymy)
Ampithöe Leach, 1814 accepted as Ampithoe Leach, 1814 (source of synonymy)
Amplexi-Caninia Vaughan, 1906 † accepted as Amplexicaninia Vaughan, 1906 † (source of synonymy)
Amplexi-Zaphrentis Vaughan, 1906 † accepted as Amplexizaphrentis Vaughan, 1906 † (source of synonymy)
Anamöbaea Krøyer, 1856 accepted as Anamobaea Krøyer, 1856 (source of synonymy)
Anapronoë Stephensen, 1926 accepted as Anapronoe Stephensen, 1925 (source of synonymy)
Anataëlia Bolivar, 1899 accepted as Anataelia Bolivar, 1899 (source of synonymy)
Andréus Ashmead, 1903 accepted as Andreus Ashmead, 1903 (source of synonymy)
Anoploschongastia Vercammen-Grandjean, 1960 accepted as Anoploschoengastia Vercammen-Grandjean, 1960 accepted as Schoengastia Oudemans, 1910 (source of synonymy)
Anoploschöngastia Vercammen-Grandjean, 1960 accepted as Anoploschoengastia Vercammen-Grandjean, 1960 accepted as Schoengastia Oudemans, 1910 (source of synonymy)
Anthemoëssa Agassiz, 1846 accepted as Anthemoessa Agassiz, 1846 (source of synonymy)
Anthemoëssa Robertson, 1905 accepted as Anthemoessa Robertson, 1905 (source of synonymy)
Anthothoë Carlgren, 1938 accepted as Anthothoe Carlgren, 1938 (source of synonymy)
Antonaë Stål, 1867 accepted as Antonae Stål, 1867 (source of synonymy)
Anurophoro-uzelia Stach, 1947 accepted as Anurophorouzelia Stach, 1947 (source of synonymy)
Aphelenchoïdes Fischer, 1894 accepted as Aphelenchoides Fischer, 1894 (source of synonymy)
Apheoörthis Ulrich & Cooper, 1936 † accepted as Apheoorthis Ulrich & Cooper, 1936 † (source of synonymy)
Apoëcus Möllendorff in Martini & Chemnitz, 1902 accepted as Apoecus Möllendorff in Martini & Chemnitz, 1902 (source of synonymy)
Aproïda Pascoe, 1863 accepted as Aproida Pascoe, 1863 (source of synonymy)
Aproöpta Turner, 1920 accepted as Aproopta Turner, 1920 (source of synonymy)
Archaeolafoëa Chapman, 1919 † accepted as Archaeolafoea Chapman, 1919 † (source of synonymy)
Archizoëa Dohrn, 1870 accepted as Archizoea Dohrn, 1870 (source of synonymy)
Arco-Scalpellum Hoek, 1907 accepted as Arcoscalpellum Hoek, 1907 (source of synonymy)
Arctoë Risso, 1826 accepted as Arctoe Risso, 1826 accepted as Dosinia Scopoli, 1777 (source of synonymy)
Arlésia Handschin, 1942 accepted as Arlesia Handschin, 1942 (source of synonymy)
Armato-Balanus Hoek, 1913 accepted as Armatobalanus Hoek, 1913 (source of synonymy)
Artopöetes Chapman, 1909 accepted as Artopoetes Chapman, 1909 (source of synonymy)
Ascoschongastia Ewing, 1946 accepted as Ascoschoengastia Ewing, 1946 (source of synonymy)
Ascoschöngastia Ewing, 1946 accepted as Ascoschoengastia Ewing, 1946 (source of synonymy)
Asturaëtos Brehm, 1855 accepted as Asturaetos Brehm, 1855 (source of synonymy)
A-Thienemannia Viets, 1920 accepted as Athienemannia Viets, 1920 (source of synonymy)
Australoödera Girault, 1922 accepted as Australoodera Girault, 1922 (source of synonymy)
Autonoë Guppy, 1868 accepted as Autonoe Guppy, 1868 accepted as Ellobium Röding, 1798 (source of synonymy)
Autonoë Stål, 1866 accepted as Autonoe Stål, 1866 (source of synonymy)
Autonoë Gray, 1852 accepted as Autonoe Gray, 1852 (source of synonymy)
Baënomys Matthew & Granger, 1925 accepted as Baenomys Matthew & Granger, 1925 (source of synonymy)
Bagoïdes Capiomont, 1868 accepted as Bagoides Capiomont, 1868 accepted as Coniatus Germar, 1817 (source of synonymy)
Bagoïmorphus Desbrochers, 1906 accepted as Bagoimorphus Desbrochers, 1906 accepted as Bogous Germar, 1817 (source of synonymy)
Bathy-Balanus Hoek in Weber, 1913 accepted as Bathybalanus Hoek in Weber, 1913 (source of synonymy)
Beccária Trinchese, 1870 accepted as Beccaria Trinchese, 1870 accepted as Caliphylla A. Costa, 1867 (source of synonymy)
Belemno-Sepia Buckland, 1835 † accepted as Belemnosepia Buckland, 1835 † (source of synonymy)
Bezançonia Fischer, 1884 † accepted as Bezanconia Fischer, 1884 † (source of synonymy)
Bimichaëlia Thor, 1902 accepted as Bimichaelia Thor, 1902 (source of synonymy)
Biróa Bolivar, 1903 accepted as Biroa Bolivar, 1903 (source of synonymy)
Biróia Szépligeti, 1900 accepted as Biroia Szépligeti, 1900 (source of synonymy)
Biro-lajosia Erdös, 1956 accepted as Birolajosia Erdös, 1956 (source of synonymy)
Birónida Pic, 1956 accepted as Bironida Pic, 1956 (source of synonymy)
Birónides Förster, 1903 accepted as Bironides Förster, 1903 (source of synonymy)

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