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IRMNG source details

2011-10-06 22:00:00Z

Abyssorhynchia Zezina, 1980 (name verified source)
Abyssorhynchia Zezina, 1980 (basis of record)
Acanthohamingia Ikeda, 1910 (name verified source)
Acanthohamingia Ikeda, 1910 (basis of record)
Actinoposthiidae Hooge, 2001 (basis of record)
Agnesia Michaelsen, 1898 accepted as Agnezia C. Monniot & F. Monniot, 1991 (source of synonymy)
Ainigma Helfer, 1938 accepted as Ascorhynchus Sars, 1878 (verified source for family)
Amphisopidae Nicholls, 1943 (habitat flag source)
Ascopariidae Sterrer, 1998 (basis of record)
Ascorhynchidae Hoek, 1881 (basis of record)
Astrosphaeridae Haeckel, 1881 † (habitat flag source)
Aulacolambrus Paul'son, 1875 (habitat flag source)
Azadinium Elbrächter & Tillmann, 2009 (habitat flag source)
Azadinium Elbrächter & Tillmann, 2009 (extant flag source)
Barana Dohrn, 1881 accepted as Ascorhynchus Sars, 1878 (verified source for family)
Bathypallenopsis Stock, 1975 (verified source for family)
Bourgueticrinidae Loriol, 1882 (source of synonymy)
Conjungaspidae Hints, 1999 † (basis of record)
Conjungaspis Hints, 1999 † (verified source for family)
Cryptoteuthis Collins, 2004 (verified source for family)
Cyclopella Claus, 1893 accepted as Pterinopsyllus Brady, 1880 (verified source for family)
Didemnum magnilarvum Millar, 1962 accepted as Polysyncraton magnilarvum (Millar, 1962) (source of synonymy)
Didemnum yolky Monniot & Monniot, 1997 accepted as Didemnum yolki Monniot & Monniot, 1997 (source of synonymy)
Eutreptia viridis Perty, 1852 (habitat flag source)
Ficus margaretae Iredale, 1931 accepted as Ficus ficus (Linnaeus, 1758) (source of synonymy)
Ficus subintermedius (Orbigny, 1852) accepted as Ficus ficus (Linnaeus, 1758) (source of synonymy)
Fisheraster Halpern, 1970 accepted as Pseudarchaster Sladen, 1889 (verified source for family)
Furtipodia S. H. Tan & Ng, 2003 (habitat flag source)
Glomerula Nielsen, 1931 (extant flag source)
Granulinidae Coovert & Coovert, 1995 (basis of record)
Guyanemidae Petter, 1974 (basis of record)
Hadoprion Eriksson & Bergman, 1998 † (verified source for family)
Hadoprionidae † (basis of record)
Hemipodia patagonica Kinberg, 1866 accepted as Hemipodus simplex (Grube, 1857) (source of synonymy)
Heterokrohniidae Casanova, 1985 (basis of record)
Hodgsonia Schimkewitsch, 1929 accepted as Pallenopsis Wilson, 1881 (verified source for family)
Ildraites Eller, 1936 † (verified source for family)
Loricidae Iredale & Hull, 1923 (basis of record)
Lyssacinosa accepted as Lyssacinosida (source of synonymy)
Metrabdotosidae accepted as Metrarabdotosidae Vigneaux, 1949 (basis of record)
Monaxinoides Yamaguti, 1963 (verified source for family)
Monaxinoididae Mamaev, 1990 (basis of record)
Myelastridae Riedel, 1971 (basis of record)
Myrene Galil, 2001 accepted as Myrine Galil, 2001 (source of synonymy)
Myzostoma elegans Jägersten, 1940 (current name source)
Myzostoma ijimai Hara & Okada, 1921 (current name source)
Myzostoma irregulare Graff, 1883 (current name source)
Myzostoma quadrilobatum Fishelson, 1974 (current name source)
Myzostoma tenuispinum von Graff, 1884 (current name source)
Myzostomum antarcticum Stummer-Traunfels, 1908 accepted as Myzostoma antarcticum Stummer-Traunfels, 1908 (source of synonymy)
Myzostomum cirriferum Leuckart, 1836 accepted as Myzostoma cirriferum Leuckart, 1836 (source of synonymy)
Myzostomum deani McClendon, 1906 accepted as Myzostoma deani McClendon, 1906 (source of synonymy)
Myzostomum ijimai Hara & Okada, 1921 accepted as Myzostoma ijimai Hara & Okada, 1921 (source of synonymy)
Myzostomum irregulare Graff, 1883 accepted as Myzostoma irregulare Graff, 1883 (source of synonymy)
Myzostomum mortenseni Jägersten, 1940 accepted as Myzostoma mortenseni Jägersten, 1940 (source of synonymy)
Myzostomum quadrilobatum Fishelson, 1974 accepted as Myzostoma quadrilobatum Fishelson, 1974 (source of synonymy)
Myzostomum tenuispinum von Graff, 1884 accepted as Myzostoma tenuispinum von Graff, 1884 (source of synonymy)
Myzostomum willemoesi von Graff, 1884 accepted as Myzostoma willemoesii von Graff, 1884 (source of synonymy)
Neritiliidae Schepman, 1908 (basis of record)
Niveotanais Polz, 2005 † (extant flag source)
Notodendrodes Delaca, Lipps & Hessler, 1980 (verified source for family)
Notodendrodidae (basis of record)
Ophiotrichidae Ljungman, 1867 (habitat flag source)
Pallenopsidae Fry, 1978 (basis of record)
Paradactylopodia Lang, 1944 (current name source)
Paramphistomidae Fischoeder, 1901 (basis of record)
Platynerita Kano & Kase, 2003 (verified source for family)
Prosiphonidae Powell, 1951 (basis of record)
Pseudarchasteridae (basis of record)
Pterinopsyllidae G.O. Sars, 1913 (basis of record)
Pteropagurus McLaughlin & Rahayu, 2006 (current name source)
Sinolorica Xu, 1990 accepted as Loricella Pilsbry in Tryon & Pilsbry, 1893 (verified source for family)
Spirographis spallanzani accepted as Spirographis spallanzanii (Viviani, 1805) (source of synonymy)
Spyridae Ehrenberg, 1847 emend. Petrushevskaya, 1971 accepted as Trissocyclidae Haeckel, 1881 (basis of record)
Stichasteridae (basis of record)
Tonicellidae Simroth, 1894 (basis of record)
Tretoprion Hints, 1999 † (verified source for family)
Tretoprionidae Hints, 1999 † (basis of record)
Waretrematidae Srivastava, 1937 accepted as Haploporidae Nicoll, 1914 (basis of record)
Xenokrohnia Casanova, 1993 (verified source for family)

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