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Taxonomic remark
Junior homonym of Parasophronica Breuning, 1940 and Parasophronica Breuning, 1982 [1]. Breuning erected three instances of Parasophronica as a new genus name; the first (1940) is currently treated as valid, the second and third (both 1982) are junior homonyms of the first, the instance published in "Special issue to the memory of retirement of Emeritus Professor Michio Chujo", with type species P. phlyaroides, has been replaced by Proparasophronica Sama & Sudre, 2009, while the instance published in Entomologische Bl. Biol. Syst. Kafer 78, with type species P. bremeri, is presently treated as a synonym of Exocentrus, refer Sama & Sudre, 2009.
Sama, G.; Sudre, J. (2009). New nomenclatural acts in Cerambycidae. II. (Coleoptera). <em>Bulletin de la Société Entomologique de France.</em> 114(3): 383-388. 
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