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Taxonomic remark
From Pitkin & Jenkins, 2020: Hemming (1967) stated:- The name Melania Sodovskii was proposed as a replacement for the name Hipparchia Fabricius, 1807. That name is however a nomenclatorially available name in no need of replacement. The name Melania Sodovskii is therefore invalid as a junior objective synonym of Hipparchia Fabricius. Even if the name Hipparchia Fabricius had been invalid, the name Melania Sodovskii could not have been used as a replacement, for it is invalid under the Law of Homonymy, being a junior homonym of Melania Lamarck, 1799 (Mém. Soc. Hist. nat. Paris 1799 : 75) and of Melania Perry, 1811 (Conchl. pl. xxix).
Pitkin, B.; Jenkins, P. Butterflies and moths of the world. Generic names and their type-species. Natural History Museum, London (2020 version). available online at 
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