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Taxonomic remark
From Pitkin & Jenkins, 2020: Nye & Fletcher (1991) stated: Euteles is not preoccupied by Euteles Dejean, 1835, Cat. Coléoptéres Colln M. le Comte Dejean (Edn 2): 348, because it and the only included specific name for both nomina nuda. Euteles Heinemann, 1870, is however a junior homonym of Euteles Gistl, 1848, Naturg. Thierreichs: ix, - Lepid., Noctuidae. Paradoris Meyrick, 1907, was established as an objective replacement name for Euteles Heinemann, 1870, but Paradoris Meyrick is itself a junior homonym of Paradoris Bergh, 1884, - Mollusca. There is no other objective replacement name but Gozmany, 1958, Fauna Hung. 40: 35, placed kollarella Costa in Odites Walsingham, 1891, which is thus in use as a subjective replacement name.
Pitkin, B.; Jenkins, P. Butterflies and moths of the world. Generic names and their type-species. Natural History Museum, London (2020 version). available online at 
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